That's Life!

Best known from his ground breaking entrance into television, when he won the first of the big phone in talent competitions to join That's Life! as a Presenter on the show.

Winning over the hearts of Millions of viewers to join Esther Rantzen and the team on the long running consumer show, Kevin went on to become a firm favourite with old and young alike, as he quickly became one of their favourite presenters.

During his time on the show Kevin was the Undercover expert, using cutting edge technology and a variety of disguises to infiltrate dodgy organisations he managed to expose a range of villains and conmen. Often at great risk to himself he bravely confronted these unscrupulous people to get the story. He even dodged death when a cut and shut car dealer drove a car straight at him, with the intention of running him over, once Kevin had confronted him about his risky business practices.

Esther Rantzen said -Kevin is an absolute television natural. He has a fantastic warmth, wit, charm and with that cheeky smile it was no surprise he snared the votes of our 12 million viewers.

Without Prejudice

After That's Life! Kevin went on to work for Merdidian Television, presenting a series of prgrammes, called Without Prejudice, about prejudice in Southern England.

Devine Encounters

Currently Kevin is launching an exciting online project called 'Devine Encounters', a series of Celebrity interviews in Soho, London. As celebrities go about their everyday business in the heart of the Capital, he will suprise them for a quick fire interview to catch them on the hop, in the nicest possible way. No mickey taking just great unplanned chats with the stars.

Click Here to visit the Devine Encounters YouTube channel.


As well as being on front of the camera Kevin is an accomplished Radio Presenter, having been a host on BBC Radio Scotland, Westsound, WEST FM and Southwestsound Radio.

He is used to driving the desk on Commercial Radio stations with over 4 years as part of Bauer Radio stations in Scotland. Putting together a good mix of music and chat he can wake people up in the morning, get them home safely on drive, or ease them to the end of the day on late evening shows.

He can also host talk based shows having been a regular host on Radio Scotland, where he interviewed a wide range of people on a massive collection of subjects.

Corporate Work

As a well known face many companies have taken advantage of Kevin's friendly demeanour and presenting skills to front their campaigns and programmes. These include Sony Ericsson, Abbey National Santander and British Airways, as well as many others.


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